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Halftime re:cycle

Kit, boot & trophy recycling programme

Current drop off locations:

East London
South East London
Glasgow, Scotland

If you or your team would like to know more information about donations or would like to register a drop off location, please get in touch.

Halftime x Nike 1948: a celebration of women in sport

Location.........Nike Lab 1948, London
Medium ········· Event, Nike
Event ······.... June 2019
Language ······· English

During the Women’s World Cup we hosted an event to celebrate. With creative workshops and talks from Mindset FC, East London Ladies FC, and International Taekwondo Champion, Tasneem Tawil.

This event epitomised what Halftime London is about as its entire purpose was to champion those who are supporting women’s grassroots sport in London, as well as provide an open platform for discussion and celebration.

Featuring: Mindset FC, East London Ladies FC, and Tasneem Tawil