Photographer ········Rosie Harriet Ellis
Location.........Somerset House, London
Medium ········· Print 
Collaborator.....GoodSport Magazine
Published ······ April 2020
Language ······· English

St Katherine’s Taekwondo
In collaboration with Melbourne based, left-field facing magazine, Good Sport, we had the pleasure of working with photographer, Rosie Harriet Ellis and the athletes of St Katherine’s Taekwondo club in Somerset House, London.

Special thanks to: 

Master Mark

We then assigned to man an organ of alimentiveness, and this organ is the scourge with which the Deity compels man, will-I nill-I, into eating.

Secondly, having settled it to be God’s will that man should continue his species, we discovered an organ of amativeness, forthwith. And so with combativeness, with ideality, with causality, with constructiveness — so, in short, with every organ, whether representing a propensity, a moral sentiment, or a faculty of the pure intellect.

Photographer ·········Eliza Hatch
Medium ········· Photography
Published ······ July 2019
Language ······· English
Eliza Hatch: Mindset FC
Halftime London collaborated with Cheer Up Luv Founder and photojournalist, Eliza Hatch, to take portraits of and celebrate the ballers of Mindset FC. 

Thank you to: 

Coach Neros
and of course, Eliza